Born on a farm in Iowa:

Born on a small farm in the N / E corner of Iowa near Decorah, Iowa. When 11 our family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. I went to work young, on to California for adventure and work. Joining the US Marine Corp Aug. 1965. Training, off to Vietnam, healed up at Oak-Knol navel hospital Oakland CA. Granted a medical retirement in 1967. Return to Vietnam in 1969 to1975 as a civilian. Work for Davis Distribution Co., Dynelectron Corporation, the US government. My own company IVERCO Corporation to handle the importation of aluminum doors, windows, stainless steel to build a 300 bed hospital. The hospital built by the last first lady of Vietnam, Madam Nuyen Van Thieu - her organization, The Vietnam Women's Association in service to Humanity. Married Miss Huyen Thi Ri in August 24,1970, adopted her 3 children, had one natural son delivered at 3rd. field army hospital, worked in the evacuation of Vietnam in April of 1975. As a refugees, worked to help settle refugees. To San Diego, CA., trade school for 9 months. Work & lived in Iran for 2 years with Bell Helicopter International. Work and live in Saudi Arabia for 20 years working for Aramco, converted to Saudi Aramco, this time period was 1979 to 1999. took (early retirement). Work for Global Marine Drilling Inc. converted to Globalsantafe Drilling. A team member from drilling to provide help, testing and inspection to build a 5th generation drill ships in Singapore for a two year period. After that project I worked world wide until placed on medical retirement in 2006 while work in the cold waters of the black sea in Turkey. Retired in Vietnam in 2006, in 2008 I committed myself to write my book. 

Below our links to two web sites about my Dear Tricia today:   Today her Tennis Academy in Vietnam. Also on Face book under Hope Tennis Star HCM Vietnam.    When Tricia first started her private charity in Vietnam 05 / 2011. That work was to help was food, care, with tennis the activity to very under - privilege kids from her old district of HCM. Hope to children with none for both health and future work.

Work and effort is to me something good, it builds self confidents, self respect, to me it is a necessity for a good and productive life. How we view work and effort seem different today, maybe I'm just proud of the fact it is how I built my life, gain my education through self study, had a wonderful life, raised and supported my family and retired with security.